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Why partner with us?

BLC civil company is a reputable and prestigious English language centre in Lebanon that provides high-standard English teaching. Our continuous growth, place in the market, high- standards, good relations and earned respect among the Lebanese community make us efficient partners in Lebanon.

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Birmingham College, UK

BLC and Birmingham College, UK are now Collaborative Partners.
Birmingham College is a Listed Body on the Education (Listed Bodies, England) Order 2010 (Statutory Instrument 2010 No. 2614). The College was an accredited centre for ILM and EDEXEL for vocational and academic qualifications. The College is currently accredited by the Accreditation Council of Private and Further Education (BAC), The British Council (for the teaching of English language) and is a member of English UK and UKCISA.
The College campus is located in the heart of Birmingham city centre. Birmingham is the second city in the UK and has a cosmopolitan atmosphere. It is described by many as England’s “most vibrant city” , offering a safe environment, excellent public transportation within and outside the city, diverse restaurants and cafes, a range of entertainment and cultural venues, a relatively low cost of living , a pollution-free environment and an overall excellent lifestyle.
Birmingham College is based at prestigious premises, which is a Grade II listed historical building founded by Act of Parliament in 1854 for the promotion of Education in the city. It is two minutes from the main shopping area and a five-minute walk from the main railway station.
The College offers university degree courses in partnership with universities and UK accreditation bodies to local and international students. The range of courses includes Masters, Bachelors and English language programmes. Birmingham College also organises academic, Business, ELT Teacher Training and cultural tours for students, parents, executives and professionals. The College has established academic partnerships with respected universities, colleges and educational institutes based in India, China, Africa, the Middle East and Georgia. Please visit the College website ( for more information.