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Director General & Representative of Birmingham College in Lebanon, Middle East & North Africa

Mr.Kamil Slim
I am pleased to welcome you to our website. I hope you find all the information you need about us here.

As once said: “People don’t get to our ages without having pasts...’’ I believe that my past experience as an Examination Manager at the British Council for twenty-one years taught me a lot. It was my strong will, determination and hard work throughout those years that allowed me to establish my own language centre, BLC in 2006.
The past is important, yet I am more interested in the present and future. Today I am proud to be the Director General of the BLC, civil company and the authorized representative of Birmingham College, UK, in Lebanon. Our language centre is now synonymous with quality and exclusivity. As one of the top language centres in Beirut, as in all Lebanon, BLC provides the highest levels of English teaching throughout Lebanon.
The reputation of BLC is owed to the massive amount of work exerted by our staff of native experts. Our great team of directors and teachers do their best to promote success, help students get the maximum benefit and have a wonderful learning experience with us.
We hope you find what you need at our centre, whether you want to learn English, polish your English Language, do an English exam or even continue your professional development as an English teacher.
‘’A goal without a plan is just a wish’’. So, make a decision today to make your wish come true.
I hope that many of you would choose to work with us.

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